Friday, November 05, 2004

OOPS! Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes...'t get me wrong. I think you're mishearing me. Kerry already conceded. That's done. I've moved on. My entire apartment is clean as a whistle. I ate my bacon and eggs off my kitchen floor this morning, it's so clean. I've moved on. Promise.

But......why, say, proof of concept, for example.....why not, since we're not doing anything right now, just count all the votes. We'll make sure that we got this one right.

that way, next time that it's really close, we'll have confidence. And, say, if there was massive e-voting fraud this time around, we'd find it before the electoral votes are counted and avoid a massive constitutional crisis. So it's really win-win, right?

The best part about this election is that now I don't have to root against the Redskins four years from now.

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