Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Terrorists hope to defeat Bush through Iraq violence - The Washington Times: World - October 27, 2004

The most pro-Kerry, he said, are the former Saddam Hussein loyalists — Ba'ath Party members and others who think Washington might scale back its ambitions for Iraq if Mr. Kerry wins, allowing them to re-enter civic life.
The most pro-Bush, he said, are the foreign extremists. "They prefer Bush, because he's a provocative figure, and the more they can push people to the extreme, the better for their case."

Read that a few times.

As I read it, the Washington Times is saying that the Islamic Extremists (Al Qaeda, Zaquawi, etc.) are pro-Bush.

The real Iraqis, non-terrorist resistance fighters who want to go back to living a regular life in peace, support Kerry.

So a Kerry presidency, according to terrorists, would hurt the terrorists' recruiting efforts....

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