Thursday, January 29, 2004

i'm sorry.
back in california

I'm sorry that I called NH wrong, expecting a bigger bounce for edwards. I'm sorry that i misspelled every other word i typed for the past few days. I'm sorry I don't have pictures up yet, although they are coming. I'm sorry that the bulk of what I'm writing about the trip will end up in a magazine in a few months, but rest assured most of the content will find its way here early in some form. I'm sorry that joe trippi had to go, but Dean's campaign needed some bloodletting, and the shakeup guarantees some coverage and maybe a new approach by the press. I'm sorry that lieberman ever said the words "joementum," and that you may have had to hear him say it. I'm sorry that I'm so exhausted, and can't write for too much longer. I'm sorry that some of the most interesting things that happened in NH are things that I'm not going to share with you. I'm sorry you couldn't be there.

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