Monday, November 03, 2003

i was five and you were six, we rode on horses made of sticks

so, yes, helloween went well....well into the morning.

and, yes, that redskins/cowboys game was depressing. about as much as i can take. the team is dead to me until next season. i don't take well to heartbreak.

and, why yes, that is my chin on page 41 of a glossy lifestyle/fashion mag. no, I'm not completely sure whose tits are next to my chin, although i have my suspicions:

cheers to: colin montgomery for getting that photo spread published, the walkies for pulling off 3 shows in a night, and aeri for filming it.

godspeed to: matt reboholz, somewhere on the 5 north (aka the hot nickel) right now, abandoning the vapid lunatic frivolity of los angeles for the pleasant hippie platitudes and hacky sacking lifestyle of san francisco.

jeers to: russian prime minister vladimir putin, for selectively enforcing the widely ignored tax laws of his country in order to bring down a political rival and seize a controlling interest in the country's largest oil company. this is a slow moving coup by the old school KGB faction of the russian elites, and it will be impacting here shortly. keep your eyes on it.

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