Thursday, May 22, 2003

back to '94: part whatever

I picked up another box of terrible CD's from rhino today, and one of them blow's Smiley out of the water. I'm talking about UNLV's debut record, Unfortunately No Longer Virgins. Not only does the title explain what their name stands for, it also provides a clue to the mindset they bring to their music. Acutually, it doesn't. they love not being virgins. from what i can tell it's like dick, dick, dick, dick, dick for these two lovely ladies from memphis. the hot single from this record must have been "Bone It," as they included an instrumental version and a clean version in addition to the original, which leads off the album. "bone it" is a miami bass style paean to cock, and getting fucked. it's great. but the gem on this album is track 7, "Lesson III," basically a "complete idiot's guide to cunnilingus" in the form of a rap song, that doesn't really rhyme, and includes a vocal sample of some dude saying "that's the biggest pussy in the world" every 8 or so bars and starts off with what sounds like someone chewing pickles. I'll try and throw up an .mp3 of this gem so you all can share my joy.

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