Wednesday, April 23, 2003

did i ruin 4100 bar? because ever after i wrote about the night when kiefer s-land was bartending it's been packed with westsiders, and they mentioned the kiefer thing in the Blender article about silverlake being the #3 most rock and roll town in the country. i wasn't the only person who saw it, but i was likely the first to mention it in 'print.' and then the rush. there's always an f'n line. i don't really care cause i hated the place to begin with. but from here on out i will not mention certain spots by their proper names.

check out the 'saving los angeles' article in fader this month. it's like the blender silverlake articke except not bullshit. and like half the people in the pictures are my drinking buddies. it's kinda weird. there are a couple other of my peeps sprinkled through the rest of the issue too. it's actually really weird. pete bauer got hosed in the startime picture though, he's entirely covered by someone's middle finger in a group shot.

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