Monday, March 24, 2003

back to normal

well, a weekend of rest has done me well. i don't know if you could tell buy frantic warblogging, but by the end of last week i was completely fried; between sunday-monday-tuesday nights out rocking and rolling and war starting the next night i could barely form a coherent sentence. 10-12 hours of sleep each night and growing accustomed to this ongoing war have put me back together. i'll still keep CNN on when i am home, watch it out of the corner of my eye, but i'm pulling back enough to keep a measure of sanity.

i felt great on my ride in to work. no war news on the radio, for the first time in a while; instead a beach boys CD, rolling down the ten actually bopping my head, legitimately hoping that Rhonda would help me get her out of my heart, and Rhonda was succeeding, untill i saw the federales. now, growing up in DC i'd see the white US Government plates on all sorts of cars and trucks and never bat an eye -- there are 5-10 agencies/police departments that have some sort of jurisdiction in the diamond district -- but what would the feds be doing out here? and the car they were on was a standard cop crown vic. weird. i sped up to check out the side, see who they were with: the Federal Protective Services. eh? never seen them before. sounds like homeland security. so after some research i find this:

"At FPS, our goal is to become a premier facility security organization that provides a safe environment in which Federal agencies can conduct their business.
To accomplish this, we will reduce threats posed against Federal facilities which range from terrorism to workplace violence to larcenies. FPS is committed to ensuring the appropriate level of security is in place at each GSA managed facility, regardless of its location throughout the country."

uhh....Rhonda? Little help, please?

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