Thursday, October 30, 2003

there were cars parked from wall to wall

the smoke cleared, and the skies were a little bluer today. as the sun was going down it hid behind a cloud and shot those visible rays of light over the top that you know carry good will or the spirit of a benevolent god, and that you only see driving through the empty country on a long road trip. i smiled.

it's finally fall/winter here. smells as crisp as it can for southern california. it's as cold as you could expect it to get when you're standing next to a palm tree. happy helloween, by the way. do you have a costume? is it probably a bit too subtle for most people to get? will it take frustrating explaining? i hope so....

"I'm all the things you can see through the aleph"
"I'm the tracking shot from the beginning of touch of evil"
"I'm what you least expected"
"I'm a werewolf. you can't tell? fuck....i should have gotten more fake hair."

I'm going as donnie darko in his halloween costume. so if people don't get it at least it's still a costume. they'll just think i'm wearing a grey hoodie cause it's cold. it's a hard lesson I've leaned about high-concept or esoteric costumes: always have a back up plan. so, what's yours?

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