Wednesday, September 24, 2003


ok. I'm home, and I'm healing. the tour was great. now i have to put on the breaks. i traveled 3520 miles in 10 days, and for a few days i'm going to have trouble getting used to waking up in the same bed two mornings in a row and not selling a single t-shirt.

to the walkies: thanks for coming out. i had a great time and the west coast thanks you.

to kaito (uk): you guys were awesome.

to anyone else who's reading this: I'll have pictures from the tour up here in the next day or two, along with a narrative of some of the more interesting goings on. until then, i recommend you read this article from the LA Weekly's Jay Babcock about how today's "retro-rock" is driven by and made possible by modern information technology, not the 10-20 year cycle of pop-culture reminiscence that brought about cheap trick covering "don't be cruel" or hair-metal's glam re-tread.

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