Thursday, June 26, 2003

do the funky penguin pts. I & II

i'm starting to get over the jet lag. i had part two of my root canal this morning. it was great, or, it wasn't terrible and painful.

i'm spinning next thursday night in echo park. I want to put together an "america" set, since thursday night is the night before july 4th. some things in the crate so far:

'star spangled banner' - jimi, probably the rainbow bridge one, not woodstock
'the americans' - a canadian talks about how great americans are, "even though they've been kicked around a bit lately," over an orchestral march, off a 45 on westbound, early 70s?
"we the people" - the soul searchers
"funky president" - james brown
"american justice/fight" - scream

this is a bar without a dance floor, just cats playing pool and hanging out, so these dont have to be disco killers. the hipster vibe is heavy, though. it's hard to tell if it's 83 or 2k3 in this place sometimes, so i can't/won't play 'born in the usa,' because it'd be way too easy. but still: help! suggestions...I'm doing 12-close, and it's a holiday that friday.

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