Friday, May 02, 2003

it might be that the cute barrista at starbucks made my venti iced americano extra strong today, but i'm thinking this will be a good weekend.

there are, as always, terrible and forboding mistakes being made by the bush administration as we speak that will likely plunge our nation deeper into debt, fear, unemployment, increased terrorism, etc., that must be addressed before we can comfortably get back to serious levels of boozing, sexing, and general dangerous fun. to wit:
US hires Christian Extremists to produce Arabic news.
Who sold north korea those nuke reactors?
and the W. administration is keeping the findings of the congressional report on 9/11 classified so we don't find out they dropped the ball before the attacks happened. why? so bush can run for re-election on the homeland security issue and not be criticized for allowing the deaths of 3000+ americans on his watch.
and there's a move to expand domestic wiretap and subpoena powers to the CIA and the Defense Department.
and then there's the damn tax cut plan.

it's going to rain tonight, traffic will be bad and it might be a good night to get some kids together at my place or somewhere else, drink wine and listen to jazz like grownups for a few hours before breaking into the cases of tecate, turning the rap and rock up loud and refusing to grow up.

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