Monday, January 20, 2003

last: out drinking. keifer sutherland was behind the bar. the bartender girls were screaming, but not about him. they had been drinking all day and one had a nelly style band aid in the middle of hr forehead from when she had been dangled down a storm drain to save her cell phone. when she was pulled up she said she looked like carrie. good times.

current: writing here: mainly to indicate bizzare search term of the day: incubus smokes pot. clearly they do. but i still don't understand why they have to include me. dope is for dopes. and stoners can't get boners.

next: cliff jumping in malibu creek canyon state park. i worry that it might be a bit cold in the water, but fuck, it's january and these are the good old days and we are living and breathing so fuck it lets jump.

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