Sunday, July 28, 2002

choose a song that...

1. reminds you of an ex-lover: pogues "fairytale of new york"
2. reminds you of an ex-friend: dr. octagon 'moosebumps'
3. makes you cry: springsteen "highway patrolman"
4. makes you laugh: the b.o.t.s. 'mc born kicks a dope freestyle for the helium kids on the corner"
5. makes you wanna dance: 'gospel time' beenie man
6. reminds you of the one you want: 'our time' yeah yeah yeahs
7. reminds you of the one you love: n.o.u. 'you're my miss washington d.c.'
8. you wish you wrote: 'time' richard hell and the voidoids
9. you never want to hear again: eminem 'without me'
10. you want to get married to: sam cook 'if you need me'
10.5. you want to get buried to: many rivers to cross, jimmy cliff, the version on disc one of the trojan UK Hits 3-cd box.
11. makes you want to mosh/bang your head: nation of ulysses "nousptda/the shape of jazz to come"
12. sums up your teenage years: 'make it precious' jonathan fire*eater
13. you like to wake up to: jonathan richman/modern lovers 'roadrunner'
14. you like from your parents' collection: 'red headed stranger' willie nelson
15. you love that a friend introduced to you: springsteen nebraska the whole album
16. you love the video even more: highwaymen "highwaymen"
17. reminds of your first crush: 'that song from the robin hood movie' by brian adams. (i know. but i was young)
18. you love from a favorite movie: "better off dead" from the movie of the same name, sung during the prom scene
19. makes you think of the moon: santo & johnny 'sleepwalk'
20. makes you think of stars: 'california stars' billy bragg & wilco
21. makes you think of the sun: 'blue velvet"
22. makes you think of sex: the bassist from radio vago
23. makes you think of being alone: velvets 'stephanie says'
24. you love to hear at clubs: the slickers 'johnny too bad'

ok, now yours.

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