Monday, August 19, 2002

so here are a few things.

first off if you click on the 'flying rebholz' picture below you go to the vegas pictures.

second, does my new post-apocalyptic-erotic background mean that you feel weird reading this page at work? if yes, let me know and I'll change it to something with less tits.

third, doesn't being a blockhead and misinterpreting your alarm clock usually lead to more sleep and being less responsible? i pulled into work this morning, then looked at the clock in my car. i was a full hour early, somehow. i checked my cell phone. yup, a full hour early. what the fuck. i don't remember doing anything weird to my alarm clock. . i just managed, somehow, to only look at the last two digits of every single clock i looked a this morning between getting up and pulling into the parking lot. at least i've gon from being a complete bum who's late for everything to a completel nucklehead who's really responsible. or something. i'm tired. i need more sleep, like say one more hour, and i'd be feeling great.

happy fucking monday, people.

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