Friday, June 07, 2002

ok so i think now that i have a job and some money i'm going to try and put out a 7" record by the recoys, the now defuct, pre-walkmen band that isn't jonathan fire*eater. I 'll put it out on a subsidiary of I Think Records, the st-louis-originated hip-hop label that i started w/ A-Double and DJ B-Money. but this subsidiary needs a name. any ideas?

thanks to liz for promising to provide the official walkmen west coast tour wedding dress pillow. check her blog if you're thouroughly confused right now.

those fucking brits.

will we all die in nuclear armageddon?

i heard on public radio that colonizing cultures' music empasizes the upbeat (marching shit like house and rock and waltz and hip-hop), colonized cultures' the downbeat (reggae/ska, go-go, etc..), as a rule.

reading Island by huxley right now. pretty cool. dense. bought the wind up bird chronicle by murakami today and can't wait to read it because

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