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wTuesday, January 27, 2004

oh, I'm doing some long format pieces for tiny magazines you've never heard of
countdown to New Hampshire: all up in the shit

and when I say up in the shit, I mean UP IN THE SHIT. like, fighting my way past joe trippi cause I left my hat in the bar. arguing with joe scarborough. etc. there goes mccauliffe. anyway....

Edwards' stup speech last night: he kinda creeps me out. part of it is his consumate skill at controlling a room. you can tell how well he knows how good he is. and it's all about him, although while you're sitting there, listening, all he's doing is talking about you: "Me and you were on one side of the courtroom and on the other side would be armies of corporate lawyers. [...] and what happened is, I beat 'em, and I beat 'em again, and I beat 'em again. [...] You give me a shot at George Bush, and I'll give you the white house." You know, like the only two people in the room are him and you.

Last night, between the Edwards town hall and the post last night in the bar, we went by Kerry HQ for his talk to his volunteers. Nothing really struck me, positive or negative. Cem mentioned to us the feeling of entitlement he got from the candidate, and I think there might be something to that. One thing is for sure: the organization certainly felt more professional, in contrast to the Dean camp around the back of the same building. Firefighters in their union T's acted as bouncers.

Another great thing about being up here is running into all the lesser candidates. Vermin Supreme, for example, who's paraded through town with a boot on his head and a ram's head on his belt. Chris P. Carrot, a guy in a plush carrot suit, is carrying PETA's hopes on his orange shoulders. more on these guys later. Right now Cem needs to get some work done on his Asia Times article and I want to finde and heckle the guys from The Daily Show. keep an eye out for us on C-Span. apparently we were all over it yesterday.

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