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wTuesday, January 27, 2004

i have not yet begun to fight
countdown to New Hampshire: it's over, dude

two quick things. just saw dean's concession, over bar hubaloo. didn't really hear it, but I caught a few things that made me think that he's got a chance to turn it around and win the nomination. He wore a suit and used the time in front of the country to deliver, effectively, a policy adress. the rhythm of this words, the clarity and mannerism of his delivery, they all make me think that the man might bring in 1-2 million over the next few days. he looked and sounded great and i think this is far from over.

I also talked for a minute to a reporter from florida who finished second to bush in the republican primary tonight. He claimed that the US has invaded syria, citing Jane's Defense Report, and that articles of impeachment against bush will be brought up within the week by the Judiciary comittee. lunacy or a peek into the future? only time will tell. last night's best piece of gossip, that Giulliani will replace Cheney at the bottom of the republican ticket, made it onto fox news today. cheers and goodnight.

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