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wWednesday, August 20, 2003

van impe update

here's a story from the buffalo news that gives a bit of context to the whole bush/van impe story i was chasing last week, saying that van impe's outline of prophecy was sent in lieu of the televangelist attending a meeting of religious leaders in washington on july 14th, 2003. here's one interesting series of paragraphs:

National Security Council spokesman Sean McCormick said the White House did not ask Van Impe to make a presentation. McCormick said the meeting is one of many the White House conducts to meet with leaders in various walks of life. He denied it was held to sell evangelists on the peace plan.

However, a official for another group with strong links to evangelicals and Jewish conservatives said, "The meeting was an attempt to sell us the peace plan, and it failed."

i highlight this section because it casts doubt on the the office of the national security advisor's characterization of this meeting, and this is certainly not the first time that the official line coming out of Condi's office hasn't been exactly, or even remotely, accurate. the NSA's version of "the fight for the 16 words" is the most glaring example, of course, but this meeting, and its purpose, seems to me like something that they didn't need to hide. The Bushies were trying to get support from leaders of a group that overwhelmingly voted for them (Evangelicals) for a piece of policy (the road map for peace) that was at odds with the interests (fulfillment of biblical prophecy, in this case through a unified state of israel) of that constituant group. and they failed, it seems.

the picture of W that accompanies the article is priceless. looks like he could save a few souls himself.

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