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wWednesday, August 20, 2003

a quiet moment

cem and el never cease to amaze me. good, safe travels to you both.
st. christopher smiles.

i received the master for the CD version of the recoys record today, which means that it should be in stores within 6-8 weeks if everything goes smoothly. it includes 3 songs that weren't on the vinyl: 2 recoys studio recordings (including 'Look Out the Window,' which some of you might know from the Walkmen/Calla split) and the Lil' Fighters song "The Recoys," the story of the band told from the perspective of guitarist Peter Bauer and written and sung by Walter Martin. exquisite additions, I assure you.

speaking of pete, he's more than a nascent rock god. he's also a cat breeder. he's currently looking to rid himself of four kittens and one two year old. if you're in the nyc area and want to pick up some free felines, e-mail him.

and, actually speaking of pete again (this is getting awkward), i'm tour managing the walkmen on their september west coast tour, so get your tickets now or you'll just have to read about it here.

sunday night bruce springsteen was at Dodger Stadium. the boss rules. stadium beers are expensive.

i'll mention it again: tues., Aug. 26th my friend Al and I are spinning at The Echo. the night will be free and the beers will be cheap and honestly, if you live in LA and consider youself my friend i am requiring you to go to this. i really don't ask much of you people, you know?

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