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wWednesday, September 15, 2004

ESPN.com: Page 2 - The Colts can't close the deal

New Hunter S. Thompson. note the hint at the end that he's gonna be on the Ali G show at some point.

Actually, I hope they aren't just doing a TV segment. I dream of a half hour HBO Special, Borat's guide to Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '04:

open on a bush rally in Chesterfield, MO. Ground staff run around nervously, as a large white caddilac pulls into the parking lot. Borat, in suit, and HST, in visor, exit, and approach staffer.

GWB staffer: Can I help you?

Borat: Djekui! I am here to meet president.

Staffer: Who are you, (mumbles into walkie)gurraharragu, hold on a sec, I'mm ge-

HST: No time for that now, honey, we're late, where's the advance staff? I'll call mellman and put you through to him. We set this up a month ago. This guys big shit. Top guy in Kazahkstan. Broadcasts to 10,000 GIs daily over there. They won't go out to patrol for gooks till his shows over. big shit. dont's fuck this up, llll ... linda?

Borat: You are very nice. can I touch your shrum? you are his daughter, no?
a man can dream, right?

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