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wTuesday, July 01, 2003

at least it's an ethos

I looked out my balcony just now and saw the big dipper sitting in the sky between the treeline and the bottom of the balcony above me. I'm exhausted. But I need to mention a few things.

The first is that Howard Dean just raised almost $4 million dollars in 9 days, $3 million of that over the internet. The truly bizzare line from his campaign site: "he [Dean] knows we made $7 million and will blog shortly from the car." The democratic race is now looking like a 3-way contest between Dean, Kerry, and Leiberman, with Edwards next to out of it already and the other 5 already footnotes to the campaign. And the frontrunner is a blogger.

The second thing I want to mention is that I'm going to try and keep politics off Affordable Justice for most of the rest of the campaign. Instead of talking about it here, I plan to write a weekly column about the presidential campaign for The Realist, the online journal of Realistic Records. It hasn't launched yet -- that's probably a few weeks away. If you've checked out some of the links over on the left, many of the people writing for the realist will be familiar to you. Hopefully it'll give all of us a chance to get focused and write some longer-form articles. Hopefully it'll be interesting.

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