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wWednesday, June 18, 2003

from a gray day in the land of KDAY to BK, what you say?

as i was driving to work this morning, i passed a fourty year old woman having what appeared to be a really pleasant conversation with the 101 freeway. she was gesticulating, and every once in a while would lean in as if to tell the freeway a secret. the freeway smiled back in a patronizing way, and shared with her the secrets of ten thousand motorists, alone in their cars, as if to let her know that its lips were in no way sealed.

in three hours i get on a plane headed back east. tomorrow, i'll visit my grandmother for what will likely be the last time. on friday, we're having the record release party for the first release by my record label, realistic records. this is the first project i've been involved with in a while that has come to fruition, completely blossomed into what it was supposed to be, and i'm proud and excited. i'll be spinning records at the party if everything goes according to plan. i'll play 'get out my life, woman' by iron butterfly early on in the night. i just picked it up for $1, and it's funkier than my socks. on saturday and sunday i'll relax and catch up with the friends i never see any more. on monday i fly back towards the left coast with the rising sun pushing the plane back home.

anyone want to buy a monie love 12"??? what about a recoys record???

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