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wSaturday, May 03, 2003

a poem written about this website by a computer:

affordable justice i the best trip of 3 of this country
from nowhere on my eyes
shot open, my taste, too ,
hard: 2 13 PM LinktoComments
Comment w pride will reduce threats posed
against Federal agencies police departments that magical moment
lying on when the door
opens and it but hopefully
be a copy
of of my venti iced
americano extra strong today, tonight
traffic generated by Derek
Teslik at work, on my commute
during morning and look the
tamale guy
who runs clear demonstrated willingness
to work. and you can you to
work. today.getting up i know if
lucky, you
get?you walking aimlessly they float
past streetlights, and i post
it dude.readpapers, caraccident,
isntthiswhatinsuranceisfor?, backtobed]*garbagetrucksrumbleandknock*fuck*drove to change the

this reminds me of those cut-up excercises that burroughs and byron gysin were getting into back in the day.

here's one for bangin brooklyn.

brooklyn website and then you can blow
a bitch.
but i did but not
wrong for the right look at graduation,
we could technically
go visit my work and i was.
cum stain on the puns.
laugh. about
what he was really funny that i
left side of
my tights.

and new top:

the relationship will sleep with the
one way answer: try to me
that I ve been
stopping a long so okay, stunned at work
still loving the A
few titles to someone to the hat and
ideas for a
few centuries ago?him: uhhh, no,
problem but an orange lighter with
him which is better, milk
or else Also, sorry
about st. louis, missouri? please consider

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