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wMonday, April 21, 2003

another monday morning, with everything broken, after another weekend rocked a bit too hard: 2 shows, 1 party thick with hipsters, and an easter afternoon filled with plastic eggs with tequila in them.

here's what i learned this weekend:

It is not necessarily in your best interests to befriend the bartender everywhere you go. (a gin and tonic should have some tonic in it if you want to retain your composure).

a corollary: the sleeves on a t-shirt were not designed to be worn on one's head.

have a few drinks before it's time to decide who drives. it's a subtle way of putting your finger on your nose before anyone else.

the faint are kinda boring, but les savy fav are more rockiner than most. according to jinners they are apparently also quite skilled at erotic photo hunt. after seing them that doesn't surprise me.

this will ruin my life. with entertainment.

if you know who the tamale guy is, you should read the article in blender this month about silver lake being the third most rock and roll town in the country. you don't need to actually buy the issue, though. blender honks.

it's nice to take a week off anything.

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